Mini Royale: Nations leverages the best technologies and development partners in both web3 and browser gaming


Solana is a high-performance blockchain built to enable scalable, user-friendly experiences. We see the following benefits in building on top of Solana over other Layer 1 or Layer 2 chains:
  • Performance: 400ms block time
  • Low fees: $0.00025 per transaction
  • Ecosystem momentum: rapidly growing ecosystem of wallets, decentralized exchanges, liquidity providers, etc.
  • Native liquidity: high TVL and access to liquidity will help stabilize prices & offer the needed liquidity for a massive player base


FTX is one of the top crypto-exchanges in the world, and we are excited to be collaborating with them and leveraging some of their technology:
  • Cross-chain custodial wallets for players that don’t know how to setup their own crypto wallet
  • Fiat onramps for credit card, ACH, etc.


Playcanvas is an open-source browser-based game engine owned and maintained by Snap Inc. It runs in modern browsers that support the WebGL 1.0 and 2.0 standard, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and offers a collaborative real-time Editor. The engine is capable of rigid-body physics simulation, handling three-dimensional audio and high-quality 3D graphics.
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